Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am so grateful for email. It makes it possible to keep in contact with the wonderful people in England. We have heard from missionaries that we served with and from people that we have taught and worked with. It makes us feel so good to hear from these people. We even heard from Tom and Lilian. They got a laptop so that they could keep in contact by email with us. Tom said that he is still learning but he is doing a great job. Tom is 82 years old. Pretty darn good, I would say.
We miss the people of England but are grateful to be home closer to our families.
Not much new in Fallon, Nevada, just going to doctors and dentists, which has been put off for 18 months. We understand that the weather in England has been rainy, surprise. While the weather here in Nevada has been sunny and bright. One lady asked us to send her some sun. If we could we would.

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