Sunday, March 13, 2011

"GG" Girl

I have a couple of friends that call me GG, that stands for Gadget Girl. That is right I am the gadget girl. I love my new iPad2!!!!
I ordered in online from Apple, but had to wait two to three weeks to get it.
So I went to Walmart Saturday afternoon and they had one (1) left. So I ran home and cancelled my online order and went back to Walmart and got it.
She (checker) said that they only got three of them in and some guy from Reno had driven down and bought two of them. Wouldn't you know it, I got that last one. Lucky me!!! By the way,  I have been waiting over six months to buy the iPad2.

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Mary said...

My grandpa has one of those. I'm so jealous. Get the gospel library App and then you don't have to lug all your scriptures and manuals and stuff to church.