Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fallon made National News---I should say Middlegate!!!!

Famous ‘shoe tree’ chopped down by dastardly vandals

Nevada's landmark shoe tree -- a spot where travelers on "the loneliest road in America" have stopped for decades to deposit their boots, sneakers, pumps and even roller blades -- is rumored to have come into being years ago after a quarreling couple tossed each others' shoes into the 70-foot cottonwood tree on their wedding night. Others, for some reason, felt compelled to follow suit, and soon a full-fledged phenomenon was born.

I have listen, read and now have seen it on national news. I know that I am in a minority, but      It is a Tree!!  I know that who ever cut down the tree shouldn't have done it. We have driven by that tree a hundred times and I thought that it was just ugly, but tourists and kids love it.
The Associated Press reports that the Middlegate, Nevada, shoe tree was cut down late Thursday or early Friday and that "fresh sawdust was found on the snow" by authorities. A memorial for the tree will be held by local residents on Feb. 13.
I won't be going to the memorial!!!

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