Thursday, December 16, 2010

I can see, I can see! Thanks to Dr. Chaffin

Today Grant and I went to Reno as I had an appointment with Dr. Chaffin to do my LASIK and my cataract surgery.  I was a little scared because they are operating on your eyes. Well, I had nothing to worry about it turned out very well  and the longest wait was in the doctors office. The surgery actually only took about 10 min. tand they have  to give you  anesthesia which puts you in a state that the things that are going around don't seem to bother you. I was aware of my surroundings and was aware when they were working on my eye. What amazed me the most was that when I went outside that I could see things more clearly and more brightly. The sky was bluer and the clouds were whiter.  On the way home I was amazed at the difference in the eye that they did today. We go back tomorrow for a postoperative checkup and then we go back again on the fifth for another checkup. Then I will have my left eye done on December 29. I can't believe that I will be will to see and not have to wear glasses..
I am again using my Dragon. I am so glad that I bought. It so much easier than typing when you want talk for long time. Not that I would talk for a long time. Ha Ha
This evening some of our friends brought us over dinner. It was the most delicious homemade chicken soup and rolls and goodies. It hit the spot with both Grant and I. We enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you Jill and Del. It is wonderful to have good friends


Brooke said...

I had lasik about 5 years ago... best thing ever! I hope you'll be as happy with yours...

Natalie said...

I'm happy to hear everything went well with your surgery.

Merry Christmas to you!