Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grant's Heart Surgery

Grant won't let me take a picture of him in the hospital, so here is a picture of the pillow that they gave him to use when he has to cough. He is to hold it close to his chest, so it doesn't hurt so much when he coughs.
Things have gone really well, but today we thought we were going to get to leave, but his heart is beating irregularly, so they have to take him down and sedate him and give his heart a jump start. If you know Grant he was set to leave today, so he is a little disappointed to say the least.
We are so grateful for modern medicine and the prayers, fasting and blessing on Grant's behalf. We know that it was a miracle that they found all that was wrong with his heart. We came here knowing that he had to have a aortic valve replaced but didn't know about the two others things that they had to do. We truly are so grateful.
We are also grateful for the Evetts staying in our home while we are gone. It gives us peace of mind. If they hadn't been there, we would have had frozen pipes when we got home, as the propane tank ran out of propane. AmeriGas is suppose to keep it full, but they didn't. So Lisa took care of it for us. I can't imagine coming home to a cold home and Grant not being able to do anything about it. Frozen pipes would have been a disaster.

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