Saturday, November 21, 2009

What I am Thankful for!!!

Things That I am thankful for this Thanksgiving (in no particular order, except for the first one)

1. A wonderful loving husband
2. A warm home
3. Two wonderful sons, who honor their parents
4. Two wonderful daughter-in-laws that love their husbands
5. Three sweet, beautiful granddaughters
6. To be debt free
7. To live in Fallon
8. Allie and the wonderful mother that she is to our grandchildren
9. Shannon for marrying Tom and completing his life
10. The Reno Temple
11. Being sealed forever as a family
12. My computer
13. Good friends
14. A good mother that taught me right from wrong
15. America and living in a country that is free
16. The flag that Tom gave me from Afghanistan
17. Donna for being a friends for over 48 years!!!
18. Donna who introduced me to the church
19. Shirley for always setting a good example
20. My Kindle
21. Sons who call every Sunday night
22. Jake for being a good father and loving husband
23. Tom for his service to our country
24. Grant's sense of humor
25. Red, White and Blue
26. My command center
27. Family History
28. Morgan and her desire to always want to do whats right
29. Madison and her love of family
30 . Makelle and her soft heart
31. Jake and his laugh
32. Memories
33. My flat screen tv
34. Good Books
35. The Atonement
36. Extended family
37. Sundays
38.Tom for being a loving husband
39. HGTV
40. Spring
41. Fall
42. Summer
43. Serving a mission with my husband
44. Friends that we made in England
45. Missionaries
46. Two wonderful Mission Presidents
47. good heath
48. A testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
49. People who try to the right thing
50. America, I know that I put that twice, but I love AMERICA

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