Saturday, November 28, 2009

Girls Day Out

Shannon, Allie, Morgan and
I went to the movie. "New Moon"
I know that I am in the minority
but I thought it was a total waste
of two hours. The guys and the
twins went shooting. I probably
would have had more fun in the
cold, rainy, windy weather,


homegirl said...

hahahaha! At least you made your granddaughter happy! :)

Claudia said...

You are right there Allie, I am glad I went for that reason.

Mommy (a.k.a Melissa) said...

um, are you crazy? Have you read those books? I don't care what age range you are in, Edward will make your overies quiver and if not, you don't have any!

Claudia said...

Lol, Jacob does more for me that Edward. I read the first two, but lost interest. Alot better books out there than that series.