Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well, I did it!!!!

Well, I finally did it. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. A Kindle from A friend of mine has one and I loved it. So I have been deciding if I would use it enough to rationalize paying the price for one of these. I have come to the conclusion that I could and would. It is not only has the capability to hold thousands of books, at a much cheaper price. Most books run about $9.99. You can also listen to the books. Since I do both. I figured that it would fit my needs. You can take it with you anywhere, and when you buy a book it is download in less that 60 seconds. You can enlarge the print for us older people. I will let you know what I think of it when it comes in a couple of days. Another feature I love is that I will have the book when I want to read it, I won't have to wait for the library to order and wait a week for it to get here.


homegirl said...

It looks really cool! I'm excited for you, I wont even tell Grant! :)

Mommy (a.k.a Melissa) said...

Very cool. Hey I contacted the blog fairy she is doing me a head to toe make-over. I can't wait. I"m so sick of it. I want to learn how, but for now, I'll use her skills