Friday, April 24, 2009

Two More Good Books to Read

I have read another book by Kristin Hannah on our trip to Utah. We came to Salt Lake City to see Tom and Shannon. They were here in Utah for Shannon's brother's weeding at the Logan Temple and her sister graduating from BYU. We spent yesterday with Tom. He took his father to a placed called "Barnes Bullets". They had a wonderful time. I sat in the car and read a book. Then we went out to dinner with Tom and Shannon and went to one of Shannon's favorites places "Cafe Rio". I hate to say that I had a terrible stomach ache. All in all we had a great time.
Today Grant has some running around to do, so I stayed at the motel and read another book. Then we went to see his nephew and Uncle that live in Holden. We stayed in a motel in Fillmore and tomorrow we are going to go see Afton and Del Roy. Afton is Grant's sister. It has been such a slow easy vacation. I think that Grant and I needed it.

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