Friday, January 16, 2009

Gunlock, Utah

This is Grant's sister house in Gunlock. A year ago they had a flood and it ruined the lower part of their home. They have raised the house five feet and had to add a bridge(walkway) . It is a beautiful home and they are now almost done redoing it. I love the walkway and the logs. The Santa Clara River runs just behind their home. The reason that it flooded was because when they(Corp of Engineers) put the new bridge in for the river, they didn't do it correctly and it flooded the area of Gunlock. Hopefully now their home is high enough that it won't ruin any of their stuff. You can't believe all the flooring and walls that they had to replace, including all new funiture. The last picture is of Grant and Afton. I have to be sneaking to get a picture of them.

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homegirl said...

WOW! It looks so good!