Monday, December 29, 2008

Linda's Christmas Tag

1.When did you wake up? About 9, I think. You have to remember--no kids in our home.
2. What did you have for Christmas breakfast? Orange, Banana, and Apple.
3. When did you open your presents? Grant and I decided not to get each other presents this year as we have spent so much money since we got home from our mission. We have had a wood stove and brick wall installed. We have bought enough tile to tile our dinning room, kitchen, breakfast nook and laundry room, half bath. Tom tiled the dinning room over Thanksgiving.
4. Do you have a large meal on Christmas? No. We had gotten a meat platter from Wal Mart.
5. What do you have for Christmas dinner? See above.

6. What was your favorite gift to give? I would have to say the gifts that we gave the grandchildren. Children love Christmas and they love what ever you get for them. We got them Rock Band, an extra guitar and a couple of Mario Bros. games.
7. What was your favorite gift to receive? My large "B" for Beckstrand and my gift certificate to The Blog Fairy.
8. What is your favorite Christmas treat? I would have to say the Candy Apple Cake that I make every Christmas, except the last two Christmases that we were in England.
9. What is your favorite Christmas movie? "The Christmas Story" (You'll shoot your eye out!)
10. Did you gather around the piano and sing carols? Oh, heaven's no! We went Caroling with the High Priests a few years ago, a friend told me that Grant was the only one that could carry a tune. I love to sing, but no one likes to listen to me sing.
11. What did you do that was special this year? We went to Bakersfield's a week before Christmas and spent a few days with Jake and his family.
I tag all the come to this site. That means You!!!!!!

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Eliza said...

Claudia I'm pretty sure we would be great friends in real life. You remind me so much of my mother and believe me this is a great compliment! :)