Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lilian Peacock

Today I got a call from Tom Peacock. Lilian had passed away today. I feel so sad as Lilian was such a good friend. When we arrived in Newton Aycliffe, England to serve our mission. Tom and Lilian were our next door neighbors. They were our neighbors for eighteen months. You couldn't have asked for better neighbors. Lilian would always buy me some little gift when they went on holiday. She was always asking about my family. They helped us find things and places where we needed when we first arrived. They always offer Grant their tools and if Grant didn't understand how things worked, Tom was always there to help. After we left Tom told us that they found out Lilian had Lou Gehrig's disease. She had had a couple of falls before we left but nothing serious. Since our return to the United States, Lilian has gotten worst. The last time I tried to talk to her but she could hardly talk. Tom and Lilian were the best of friends. Tom is going to be lost without her. One time he told me that he didn't like her to be gone even for the day. She would go to a cricket game with her neighbor, and she loved cricket. Tom didn't care for cricket so he would stay home. He was lost without her. You just don't see this kind of devotion to each other these days as I saw that Tom and Lilian had for each other.Grant had said that if he could he would have packed them up and brought them back with us. They were the best to us foreigners.

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