Monday, October 13, 2008

Aviary Blue by Sherwin-Williams

I started painting the garage today. I had seen this done on HGTV and decided I wanted to do it. I want to paint the cement floor that grey expoxy and that is what they did on HGTV. Also we have a lot of pictures that we don't have room for in the house any more so I am going to hang them in the garage. Now that the garage is all cleaned out we should be able to park Grant's pick up and my car in it. I am going to finish painting the garage on Wednesday. I have to work in the Family History Center on Tuesday. Grant is going to finish painting the ceiling where I can't reach. I really don't like getting up on the a ladder that has more the two steps. I know I am a chicken. This was one gallon of paint, I have another gallon and it certainly will finish it. I just didn't want to open, so like I said I will finish it on Wednesday. I will also post a picture when all the pictures are up.

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