Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missionary Journal

I am printing off my mission journal. While I was in the mission field I would write a letter home every week to family and friends telling them what we had done for that week. I saved all the letters on an external hard drive and am now are printing them out and putting the letters in order by date. I will then have them bound together with some pictures of Grant and I. I will make two copies one for Jake and Allie and on for Tom and Shannon. Hopefully my great, great grandchildren will be interested in reading them. I did this when my sons were on missions and have also done it when a girl that was staying with us went on a mission. So I think that I have about eight years of journals. I know that you are suppose to write everyday, but I feel lucky that I have been able to do this many years. Maybe we will have to go on another mission so I can get another year for my journals.

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homegirl said...

I will love it and I know ,y family will too! I love the journal you made for Jake, I think its pretty special.