Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Faith in the Service by Chad Hawkins

Today I went to Reno today to the Temple and of course one of our stops is the Deseret Book Store. They had the CD for this Book. It has Tom's story of being in Afghanistan and serving in Special Forces. I didn't want to come home empty handed so I bought the CD and then came home and ordered the book on the Internet. It is an amazing story. Of course it could be that I am just prejudice.
We listened to it on the way home and then we got home Grant and I listened to it. Tom wrote it very well and of course brought tears to my eyes. I think that everyone should buy it. It makes you appreciate what our servicemen do for our country. Jake and Tom, I got one for you, it will be coming in the mail soon. An early Father's Day gift for you Jake, and an early Anniversary gift for you Tom.

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homegirl said...

Jake and I are thrilled to be getting this book! Thank you so much for getting us one! We are so excited to read Tom's story!